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Invitation to join "Smart Parking Mobile App" scheme

As part of the Smart City initiative in Kowloon East, we are developing a Smart Parking Mobile App to facilitate drivers to find vacant parking spaces in this area with a view to reducing the traffic congestion and pollution. We anticipate that the Mobile App will be launched around end 2016.

We are now inviting the carpark owners or operators in Kowloon East to join our scheme to provide information on their carpark including real-time parking vacancy data. Please fill out and upload the completed consent form for registration at https://sps-op.pilotsmartke.gov.hk/#/public/register This link will open in a new window.

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an account activation email to access our Administration Portal at https://sps-op.pilotsmartke.gov.hk This link will open in a new window, to input your carpark information. You can either make use of Web Service APIs or Mobile App to upload the parking vacancy data automatically or manually respectively to our Smart Parking System. Click here This link will open in a new window to download the User Manual of the Administration Portal.

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Figure 1. Push Request message flows

Auto mode - Web Service APIs

The Web Service APIs are for uploading parking vacancy data automatically. The APIs support two internet-based communication methods which are Push Request and Pull Service. Click here This link will open in a new window to download the Parking Vacancy API 1.0 Specification for more details.

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Figure 2. Pull Service message flows

Manual mode - Mobile App

Mobile App is for you uploading the vacancy data in manual mode. The App for Android can be downloaded from Administration Portal. You can login the App with the access key and secret randomly generated from the Administration Portal, and update the parking vacancy data using your own mobile devices.

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Figure 3. Mobile App Graphic User Interface

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at sps-admin@pilotsmartke.gov.hk (Tel. No.: 3904 1337).